Being Thankful !!


When we are able to be thankful for what we have…truly thankful, not just words we recite but a feeling of thanks from within, our world outlook changes.


Consider the word “being”. It is a verb, an action word. When we are in the action of being it is something we are and all the characteristics associated with what we are “being” apply.


Imagine the following statements and seem what images come to mind when you picture a person in this role.


Being supportive……….Being loving.…..….Being romantic…..… As you pictured someone in these roles you are able to describe actions and feelings associated with each.


Now imagine the actions and feelings associated with Being Grateful.


What comes to mind?


I imagined peace, happiness. The words you imagine may differ, but the messages they send will be the same.


When you are “being” grateful you are feeling all these words from the inside out.


The essence of these words will be reflected in everything you do and with everyone with whom you come into contact. Life changes.


The more you apply this law in your life the more you will help others through it. By uplifting others you raise their energy, which in turns raises yours.


Imagine how often in the course of a day you have the opportunity to do this! With your changing energy you will begin to notice more opportunities coming to you!




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