Love who you are :)

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Living out loud means having the courage to be exactly who you are without apology.  It means admitting your mistakes without beating yourself up.  It means not taking who you are and what you have for granted.  Release all shame!  Release all guilt!  You cannot live out loud if you are hiding behind what was.  Living out loud means focusing on what is, right now, and that is you!

To live out loud means showing up as your authentic self, without your makeup or your toupee.  It means acknowledging your shortcomings and celebrating your strengths.  Living out loud means broadcasting your needs, your likes and your dislikes as they relate to your fears and frustrations.  It means that you let people know exactly who you are and expect them to be as thrilled as you are about who you are.

In order to live out loud you must have faith in yourself and in the process of life.  You must have principles you live by and standards by which you can govern and gauge yourself.  Most important, in order to live out loud you must love yourself enough to tell yourself and everyone else the absolute truth about you.  When you can do that, you can live out loud and be very proud about what the world will hear about you.

Until today, you may have been living your life in a whisper.  Just for today, take one step toward pumping up your volume.  Stand up in yourself!  Stand up and be yourself!

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